WestConnex Project to Lead to Urban Renewal?

The NSW state government has unveiled plans for a new motorway for Sydney, which will reduce travelling times for residents and improve liveability in the region.

The WestConnex motorway will be Australia's largest infrastructure project and will connect Western Sydney with the CBD and other major amenities.

This will be done through an installation of a motorway tunnel underneath Parramatta Road between Concord and Ashfield.

The WestConnex project is set to be completed by 2031 and will be rolled out in various stages throughout the years leading up to that date.

"WestConnex is a game-changer for Sydney – it will save motorists time by making travel between Sydney’s west and the east easier," said NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell in a September 19 statement.

Motorists will cut down on 52 traffic light stops along their commute, translating into a saving of around 40 minutes travelling time.

The project will deliver $20 billion into the state's economy and will provide a number of jobs for local residents.

Urban Taskforce stated in a September 19 press release that the project could also provide opportunities for urban renewal.

"The best time to drive major urban renewal is when large infrastructure projects like WestConnex are under way," said Urban Taskforce Chief Executive Chris Johnson.

"The Urban Taskforce believes that this corridor can accommodate 100,000 new apartments and 100,000 new jobs and that there are many sites available for redevelopment now."

Should an urban renewal project go ahead to coincide with WestConnex, it could mean a boost in real estate in Sydney, which will help to provide for the growing population in the city.

"There is a big trend in Sydney towards urban living in apartments and if this is linked with work locations and community amenities, we can handle significant parts of our growing population along Parramatta Road."

To complement the WestConnex project, the state government has also announced it will be rejuvenating Parramatta Road.

This is one of Sydney's busiest roads and sees a substantial amount of traffic every day from commuters.

The road will see $200 million in urban revitalisation projects, in order to make it a more attractive area to live and work.

"This is a once in a generation opportunity to finally fix one of Sydney's most hated roads," said Mr O'Farrell in a September 19 statement.

Some of the projects include planting new trees, widening bus lanes and footpaths and removing a number of power poles.