Wayde Hildrew wins PPM’s BDM of the Year.

Wayde Hildrew, Ray White Aspley,  is one of the countries leading BDM’s and proved it by winning ‘BDM of the Year’ at the PPM Awards on the Gold Coast.

Wayde’s also a finalist for ‘BDM of the Year’ at the REB Awards next month.

He’s been in real estate for over 12 years, working his way up through the ranks and building has knowledge and love for investing along the way. For Mr Hildrew being a BDM is so much more than just a list of individual tasks to look after a property. He believes in offering his clients real value.

“People have investment properties because they want to have something to retire on … it’s a long term plan.  The big picture is that it’s about wealth creation and financial stability. It’s really important to maintain a strong relationship and trust over a  long period of time,” Mr Hildrew said.

“I enjoy working with first time and accidental investors.  Educating them, making them aware of their options and setting it up as a long term transaction.  I love making them comfortable with the process so they can trust that I’m acting in their best interests at all times.”

From all of us at Ray White, congratulations on your win Wayde!