Victoria Earthquake – Have An Emergency Plan

Following on from a surprise earthquake in Victoria this week, home owners across the state might be wondering how to prepare for this type of natural disaster.

Earthquakes in Australia occur relatively infrequently compared to Japan, New Zealand and other Asia-Pacific nations located on or near tectonic plate boundaries, but they have been known to occur from time to time.

Victoria’s State Emergency Service has created guidance to help residents prepare for emergencies, advising homeowners to create evacuation plans and set a meeting point location in the event they are separated from family members during an evacuation.

Homeowners across Victoria might also want to prepare a home emergency kit, containing a number of basic items – bottles of water, non-perishable foods, a portable radio and torch with spare batteries, a first aid kit with rubber gloves.

The SES also reminds pet owners to make provisions for furry friends, whether that means stashing a few spare tins of dog food or picking up an extra bag of kitty litter.

If you are at home when an earthquake occurs, the SES advises that you take cover under a piece of sturdy furniture – such as a wooden table or desk – until the shaking stops, covering your face and head.

It is recommended that you stay indoors until the earthquake is over, as building evacuations during this type of natural disaster may have a greater risk of injury.