Trent Gardner

Associate Director, Ray White Taylor and Partners

Trent Gardner has been active as a property manager in the Sydney market for almost a decade, and is now in partnership with Peter Taylor running the rent roll. From the beginning he knew that growing strong relationships would be central to his satisfaction and success in property management.

Everyday, he works to ensure his personal values are shaping his decisions for the benefit of landlords, tenants and suppliers alike.

Applying his knowledge and confidence to advise on real estate market trends and the presentation of properties for lease, Trent Gardner understands the intricacies and processes required for the effective management of property.


This is a short note to say how great Trent Gardner has been with us and our property - 34 lansdowne st, surry hills. We have relocated to LA and have ended up dealing a bunch of special issues at Trent along with our business … Trent has unfailingly been patient and professional to deal with on all fronts. Its a whole other dimension dealing with your property from the other side of the world so having someone great that you can trust and rely on at the other end is appreciated so much. I have run and chaired companies and Trent is the epitome of the kind of person you want to have on board. I feel like its becoming more rare in this mad world to share good feedback but i have been meaning to send this for a few weeks now. I hope you know what a great employee you have there in Trent. Best regards, Mark Poston and David Bonney

34 Lansdowne Street, SURRY HILLS, NSW