Top tips when viewing a property for sale

When searching for a property to buy – whether as an investment or as new home, it's important to examine the details.

Obtaining the services of an engineer to ensure that your potential new piece of real estate won't collapse is important, but they won't examine the little things.

During an open for inspection, check under a rug to see what shape the floorboards are in. There has been many a horror story about buyers who failed to check and had to pay afterwards.

In addition to this, examine behind curtains to see what may be lurking – it could be rotting walls or damp.

These are all extreme cases, but it's important to keep an eye out for any problems when making such a large investment. It is much better to find out about these issues before you hand over a deposit cheque.

If the property you are looking at has a pool, ensure that the filter system is in tip top shape and that it isn't leaking. Systems can be faulty or old and may be quite expensive to fix – something a structural engineer may not think to check.

This is probably difficult to facilitate, but a rainy day is a perfect opportunity to see if there are any leaks in the roof. If it isn't raining on the open for inspection, maybe ask for a viewing on a day when it is, if it can be organised.

Try and scope out the area during different times of the day – a property that may be lovely and quiet in the morning, could possibly be very noisy at night time, whether it be traffic or neighbours.

Other major components of the house should be checked, and that includes a ducted air conditioning system or a water heater. Such faulty items are examples of expensive repairs that may not spring to a buyer's mind when doing their checks.

Think about the garden as well and check to see if there are any animal infestations that may be difficult to remove.

Talk to your local Ray White office to get professional advice on how to approach the purchase of a property. Their experience will ensure that you won't be steered wrong.