Taskforce lays out flood protection plan for Brisbane

In response to the floods in Queensland last year, a joint flood taskforce has been convened to develop a management strategy by December 2012.

The FloodSmart Future Strategy is building on information that was already in the possession of the council in order to create a proper plan to protect Brisbane real estate and people's lives.

Four key elements include structural mitigation, land use, disaster mitigation, building planning and development, and flood information.

The plan looks to maximise a protection system against such disasters, while also providing a vehicle for economic growth and development.

Public feedback is welcome and submissions to the council will close on December 12.

Meanwhile Lake Macquarie Council (LMC) in New South Wales (NSW) has deemed itself the frontrunner in action against rising sea levels.

Each individual council in NSW has the ability to determine its own policy in such incidents.

The LMC has forged ahead with creating plans for developing local area adaption, which is based on projections for significant sea level rises.

Nearby Wyong Shire Council unanimously voted to abandon plans to its contingency plans for rising sea levels in conjunction with floods.