Styling your home for sale

You may have decided that now is the right time to put your home on the market, so if that's the case you must think about how you can aesthetically improve your property to ensure that when prospective buyers do walk through that door, they are left with a positive impression.

If you have already moved out of your home and therefore it is bare, consider hiring furniture to make your property look more homely. Potential buyers need to envisage their things in the home, so by putting temporary chairs and tables they can have a visual perspective of how the home will look if they purchase it.

Should you still be living there, think about how you can accentuate the areas of your house that are the most appealing. Consider accessorising the table and chairs on your deck if that is one of your property's major draw cards by putting a tablecloth on and maybe some flowers. A buyer may walk through, see that and imagine their own Sunday barbecues with friends on that deck.

For the living areas, if your couch is a bit worse for wear, consider re-upholstering it or buying a new one as old furniture can bring down the feel of the room. Optimism and positivity are essential in selling a home and new furniture can do just that.

If you have a pool, put one or two pool toys in there to show off how much fun a pool can be. A floating arm chair or beach ball is the perfect way to do just that, but be sure that it's minimal – you don't want a cluttered pool as it just looks messy.

Your kitchen is another area where you can accessorise – adding a sense of personality. If you don't have many appliances, borrow a food processor or mix master from a friend or family member to put on the bench top. This implies to a buyer that the area is used a great deal and that they too can spend a lot of time enjoying the kitchen.

Areas where kids spend a lot of time can be accessorised as well through little touches. Consider hiring or borrowing a ping-pong table or foosball table to emphasise what can be done with the available space.

Your local Ray White Real Estate agent can advise you on how to best accessorise your property to maximise the appeal for buyers.