Selling Apartments: The Best Ways to Make a Smaller Space Seem Bigger

Everyone knows that townhouses and apartments aren't always known for their roomy, expansive features. So when it comes to putting this type of property for sale on the market, you'll need to ensure it's looking its best.

One of the biggest issues that people may face when trying to sell their apartment or townhouse is its presentation. Whether it's from overcluttering, using furniture that's too big or even not utilising storage, this can all contribute to making the apartment look smaller than it actually is.

Let in the light

Natural sunlight can do wonders to make your home seem a lot bigger than it really is. Open up blinds, curtains and shades to ensure that your home is receiving full exposure.

Using light coloured paints or wall papers is another way to give the illusion that rooms are bigger than they appear. Stick to greys, creams, whites and yellows to capture and reflect the natural light that pours in.

Use storage correctly

All too often, you'll enter an apartment and find that there are shelves everywhere, over spilling with books, pictures and other personal items.

While it's great to see storage being used to make the most of space, it's important to ensure that this isn't over done and left to look messy.

If you can, use drawers, boxes or containers that aren't transparent so items stored inside cannot be seen. As a result, rooms will look neater and less cluttered.

Alternatively, you could think about installing more permanent storage in your home, such as cupboards.

Add mirrors

Mirrors aren't just a great tool for checking how your hair looks – they're actually perfect for capturing light and creating the illusion of added space.

Find a mirror that complements the decor in your room and find a focal point to angle your mirror towards.

Placing a mirror close to a window or a door that leads outside can reflect the outdoors, leading to a feeling of open flow between the two spaces.

Reassess your furniture placement

The way that you position your furniture can have a huge impact on the flow of a room. For instance, placing a couch too close to a doorway or window can block both light and access to the room.

Reassess the way your furniture has been placed, and perhaps consider storing a few larger unnecessary items while your home is on the market.