Sean Dollar

Director of Sales and Business Development, Ray White Hotels

With a specialist background in the corporate and commercial bank sector, Sean Dollar brings more than 20 years of knowledge and experience to the Ray White Hotels team.

As one of the leading hotel financiers in the country, Sean has effectively adapted his in-depth understanding of banking and finance to the hotels industry, making him an invaluable asset to the Ray White Hotels operation.

Sean brings together years of knowledge of the hotels industry, particularly in Queensland regional and metropolitan areas, and in just a 12 month period, has negotiated over $50 million in sales with Ray White Hotels.

Sean’s most recent position was the Director of Hospitality at Bankwest, where he oversaw all corporate/commercial lending and finance to the entire hotels industry; a role which saw him engage in lasting relationships with some of the industry’s most prolific stakeholders, including key national hoteliers and banking identities.

Sean also holds a Bachelor of Business (Banking and Finance) from Queensland University of Technology along with a Diploma of Business.