Sandra Pupillo

Personal Assistant to Jamil Allouche, Ray White Brunswick

Sandra is no stranger to the world of Victorian real estate.  With over 15 years of experience under her belt, Sandra has climbed the ranks of Melbourne's competitive real estate industry to land at the top, now working alongside Director Jamil Allouche as his personal assistant.

Over the years, Sandra has honed her professional skills to stand firmly in line with her wonderful personal traits - earnest responsibility, unfaltering organisation and a genuine devotion to finding the best outcome for everyone.  She works tirelessly to coordinate efforts with Jamil for fast, lucrative sales, and smiles the whole way through.

When not massively contributing to the team here at Ray White Brunswick, Sandra likes to unwind by catching the latest movies, cooking up a storm, pursuing adventures and reconnecting with her friends and family.


Just wanted to write quickly to give you some positive feedback on Sandra - she’s been so quick to respond and so helpful and I can’t thank her enough. She’s managed to resolve everything that’s come up in such a short turnaround time and I know she must have done this on top of having so many other things on her plate.