Real Estate Parramatta – Buying and Renting

Parramatta is an area of New South Wales with plenty to offer buyers and renters, so it’s worth adding to your list the next time you’re in search of a big move.

It is just 23 kilometres away from the Sydney CBD, making it a great alternative for anyone who doesn’t want to live in the heart of the harbour city. However, transport links make it a great place to commute from, so the inner-city lifestyle is never too far away.

Parramatta has undergone extensive redevelopment over recent years, which is reflected in the number of people who have chosen to relocate to the area.

Back in 2006, 16,721 people lived in the region and this increased to 19,761 by 2011. Parramatta has a relatively young demographic, although it is perfect for people of all ages.

So what is it that makes Parramatta such an enviable place to live and where will you choose to buy or rent your next property?

Embracing the Parramatta lifestyle

One of the main attractions of Parramatta is its vibrant and multi-cultural community, giving it an identity not easily found elsewhere in Sydney or beyond.

From its sprawling parklands to heritage sites, keeping yourself occupied in Parramatta will never be difficult. It also has a busy year-round schedule of events that draw in people from across the state, so imagine having all this excitement right on your doorstep!

Parramatta Park is one of the most popular places among locals. This world heritage listed site has two playgrounds for the children to enjoy, as well as a sealed off road area where you can try a spot of cycling.

Lake Parramatta Reserve is also well worth a visit if you’re living in the area. Enjoy lazy summer days or embark on a hike through the bushland – the choice is yours!

Finding your Parramatta property

Making the decision to buy or rent in Parramatta could possibly be one of the best ones you ever make – but where will you choose to set up home?

Parramatta has a great selection of properties suitable for families, including those on Railway Street. Located opposite Burra Reserve, these houses are within easy reach of the CBD, as well as the local railway station and Westfield Shopping Centre.

You might also want to take a look at Hassall Street if you’re in search of a unit, as these properties are spacious and well-equipped. What’s more, schools, parks and restaurants are just around the corner.

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