Real Estate Orange – Buying and Renting

Regional cities have found favour with property buyers and renters over recent years – and Orange is no exception.

This area of New South Wales has experienced a population surge, with its number of residents rising from 33,182 in 2006 to 36,003 just five years later.

Orange is particularly popular among those who want all the benefits of living in a city without residing in a state capital. Its employment opportunities are vast and there are plenty of chances to make the most of your leisure time as well.

This part of New South Wales boasts a strong heritage that many people are keen to tap into when they move to the area. If you want a place that offers more than just somewhere to live, Orange could be just what you are looking for.

Orange’s diverse facilities

Orange is a city that is kitted out with all the facilities you could ever want. Recreation forms a big part of the local community, so getting involved in sporting activities should never be too much of an issue.

Whether you’re an art fanatic or like to visit the theatre once in a while, living in Orange will be a dream come true.

Arts and culture form an important part of life in Orange. There is an abundance of libraries, as well as the ever popular Orange Civic Theatre and Regional Gallery.

Cultural activities are never too far away – imagine having all these top quality attractions right on your doorstep!

Of course, community services are a big consideration when deciding whether to move to an area. Orange has a range of programs to support various groups, so whether you’re retiring to the region or starting up a family, help is never too far way.

Locating your perfect Orange property

Once you’ve got your heart set on Orange, you will no doubt start to think about the type of property you will want to buy or rent.

If you want to be within walking distance of the CBD then Kite Street is well worth a look. Here you will find a series of units and other property types that are not only close to the city, but also nearby Cook Park.

Meanwhile, if you want a property with spectacular views over Wentworth Golf Club then make sure you add Melaleuca Way to your wish list. These executive properties will ensure you’re always living the high life!

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