Real Estate Mildura – Buying and Renting

If you have ever imagined buying or renting property in a part of Victoria with a strong sense of community then look no further than Mildura.

The city is found in the north-west of Victoria and has some of the most striking scenery you could ever wish for. Mildura manages to strike the perfect balance between city life and making the most of the great outdoors.

One of the biggest draws to this area is its pleasant climate – it’s not difficult to see why grape growing is so popular in these parts! The Murray River is responsible for forming much of the landscape and is yet another one of Mildura’s stunning natural features.

Although a city, Mildura has a distinct community feel to it. Many annual events bring locals and those from other parts of Victoria together, including the Mildura Pacing Cup Carnival.

The area’s population has increased over recent times, rising from 28,605 people in 2006 to 30,650 just five years later.

Making your mark in Mildura

Setting up home in Mildura should never be a problem – its people are renowned for their friendly nature, leaving you wondering why you didn’t make the move sooner.

So what is it that sets this area of Victoria apart from the rest? Award-winning restaurants are right on your doorstep, as well as a host of shopping opportunities.

Not only this, three of the nation’s capital cities are just a short flight away. Head to Mildura Airport and you can find yourself in Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne in no time at all.

A number of different sectors offer job opportunities in Mildura, including everything from health care to manufacturing, education to agriculture.

Where will you find your Mildura property?

Whether you are hoping to buy or rent property in Mildura, there are various types available within the city.

Family homes can be found on San Mateo Avenue, giving all the space you need and easy access to the city centre. Alternatively, you might want to take a look at Fourteenth Street, which is also a firm favourite with families moving to the area.

Princes Street and Deakin Avenue are hailed as two of the most in demand residential areas the city has to offer, so take a look here for spacious properties that tick all the right boxes.

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