Real Estate Hobart – Buying and Renting

As the state capital and most populous city, Hobart is the financial and administrative centre of Tasmania. However, its distinguishing features are what set Hobart apart as one of the most unique cities in Australia.

Hobart sits on the estuary of the Derwent River – the second-deepest natural harbour port in the world – and Mount Wellington stands tall over the city, always offering Hobartians something to marvel at as they carry out their daily lives.

With 61 per cent of the city covered by bushland and views of the water throughout, it is easy to see why Hobart has a reputation for being scenically beautiful.

Located in the south-east corner of the island state, Australia’s second-oldest capital city (behind Sydney) serves as the home port for both Australian and French Antarctic expeditions.

With an estimated Greater Area Population of around 210,000, Hobart stays busy with its key economic industries of public administration and safety, health care and social assistance and retail.

The bustle of commercial activities is balanced out by the serene landscape that envelops the city – a combination that makes Hobart real estate irresistible.

If you are looking to buy or rent in Tasmania’s gorgeous capital, Hobart agents at Ray White can help you find a property that suits your style.

Hobart real estate: Green living

Hobartians know the value of living in such a beautiful setting and have made a commitment to keeping their city green well into the future.

With an increasing migrant population and an expanding centre, Hobart continues to make responsible planning a priority.

For real estate seekers with a love of nature, Tolman’s Hill is a new development in Hobart’s bushland that has been built with environmental sensitivity in mind.

If you are looking for something close to the city with a longer history, Mount Nelson sits just south of the central business district, overlooks Sandy Bay and is one of Hobart’s oldest and most esteemed suburbs.

The most wonderful thing about living in Hobart is that no matter what suburb you choose to live in, you are likely to have a view of either grand Mount Wellington or the scenic harbour – or both.

Hobart – real estate in a port city

Not just a pretty sight, Hobart’s magnificent harbour hosts an abundance of cruise ships each year and is home to many Antarctic research vessels. It also provides employment opportunities by way of shipbuilding, high-speed catamaran factories and other sea-related industries.

For those keen on waking up to a gorgeous snapshot of Hobart’s harbour, real estate in West Hobart would be your best choice.

Located in the inner-city, West Hobart is highly sought after as an urban gem with spectacular views of the Derwent River. Considered to be a bohemian-style suburb, the older federation era buildings create an artistic mystique that attracts residents from all walks of life.

Cosmopolitan Hobart

It could be easy to think that the natural beauty of Hobart makes it a sleepy, quiet city. But, Hobartians know that there are plenty of restaurants, arts, shopping, cafes and various other sources of entertainment to keep you amused.

Hobart has something to offer real estate seekers at every stage of life. Whether your priority is business, pleasure or a combination of both, there are limitless options to rent or buy in this scenic, thriving state capital.

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