Ray White’s young guns propel new growth

A WAVE of young leaders are determined to take Australia’s biggest property group to the next level as its undergoes a massive market resurgence in New South Wales.
The ambitious CEO at Ray White Sydney Blue, Jason Andrew, said the biggest property group in Australia was undergoing a “renaissance”.
The 32-year-old chief executive officer is now responsible for 67-strong high end network called Ray White Sydney Blue which sold $4.6 billion in property in 2016-17.
“The market in Sydney is becoming so fragmented with so many small boutique agencies which is actually propelling a flight to safety at Ray White,” Mr Andrew said.
“Ray White has always been known for its backend processes but with the recent refresh we are very much now a front end player as well. We are definitely luring high calibre agents to us and we are chasing the best players in any market.
”Real estate used to be a worst-case job now it is seen as a first-case industry.
“Younger people are choosing this as a profession. Looking at all of our top end players, so many of our superstars are in their 20s and 30s.
“We are a business that is nimble and agile with a long history and a 115 year old legacy behind us. This company is steeped in history but right now so many of our best players are so young.
“We are talking about the future, the primary customer is our future.”
Young gun David Walker (pictured above), the number one residential principal in Australia’s biggest property group in 2017, firmly believes his age gave him a big advantage.
The 32-year-old principal of Ray White Turramurra | Wahroonga was adamant that age was not a barrier in real estate, in fact it was a bonus.
Mr Walker, who sold $200 million worth of property in 2016-17, said agents used to have credibility because of their years of experience in real estate. “But now it’s all about being an agent who can deliver a world class marketing campaign that uses all the latest avenues of media and technology making the old school way of doing things redundant.”
Property records show Mr Walker’s biggest sale to date was 19 Billyard Ave, Wahroonga which he sold with Ray White Double Bay director Elliott Placks.
Data shows the grand north shore trophy estate called Berith Park broke the suburb record when it sold for $11 million last October.
“Real estate has been turned on its head in last few years with the rise of online, so the younger agents who navigate that space well can more than compete with the experienced agents as they understand how to harness the power and reach of social media and are finding buyers in different avenues,” Mr Walker said.
“Vendors want someone who is driven and switched on and willing to go the extra mile. Some older school agents who might be a little relaxed and rest on their laurels are definitely now having to upskill themselves or they risk becoming obsolete.”
Mr Walker, who has been at Ray White for 10 years, fell into real estate after school and has been selling for 14 years now bar a year’s break for travel and has made sure he’s always been at the forefront of any new technology or trend in the industry.
The number one residential agent in Australia within the dominant Ray White franchise is the unstoppable 29-year-old Gavin Rubinstein of the powerhouse Ray White Double Bay.
“This is only the beginning for me and everyday I am extremely motivated by what the future has in store,” Mr Rubinstein said (pictured above).
“I love Ray White as it’s part of my DNA. I love this brand and its family.”
A long-time student of time management discipline, Mr Rubinstein runs “a military regimented operation”.
“I never waste time and my days run like clockwork. Because of the structures I have implemented in my business I am always able to deal with the tasks at hand effectively and with clarity. I have set this up so I can focus on what I am best at which also happens to be what I enjoy doing most. Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.”
Mr Rubinstein and Mr Walker have both benefited and helped each other, a common trait among the Ray White referral network.
Since he went into business ownership three years ago, things have been busy in the Walker household. He and his wife Claudia have welcomed their sons William, 2 and baby Jack, just six weeks old.
“When opening our business three years ago I put in place a new team structure, growing the team I always wanted to have. I have supportive and ambitious business partners and our team is full of hardworking people. ” he said.
“One thing Ray White has done really well is stay relevant and cutting edge. Ray White is the number one brand and it is determined to stay there.
“We have the best people in the industry within our group, so if you want to be the best you need to compete with the best.
“It’s a lot harder to be the biggest fish in the biggest pond and anyone who is ambitious should want to be surrounded by the best people.”
“The sky’s the limit for me. I only want to keep growing and getting better.”
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