Ray White Warrnambool celebrates 20 years

RAY White Warrnambool has celebrated many achievements over the years, but none are quite as special as marking 20 years with the Ray White Group.
Principal Jess Densley proudly leads this award-winning regional Victoria office after joining the group in 2007.
“It’s exciting and it means a lot,” said Mr Densley (pictured above).
“We’ve become a dominant player in the marketplace and that’s something we’re really proud of.”
Mr Densley said his team’s ability to remain successful for so long has been heavily influenced by former director Leanne Mugavin and original owner-operator Errol Stewart.
“There’s been massive growth in the last 10 years with our office tripling in size, in terms of staff members, and it’s really important we talk about the people who impacted on that,” Mr Densley said.
“All three of us have been very passionate about the support systems and training, we’ve taken advantage of the changes and upgrades. We’ve now got nearly 25 staff, which means we influence a lot of families in our community and we don’t take that responsibility lightly.”
Ray White Warrnambool holds the local market share in both sales and rentals.
“It’s very satisfying to see the business going as well as it is today, it’s gratifying,” Mr Stewart said.
“It’s all to do with the people that are in it. The staff make the business and Ray White has been very fortunate to have the calibre of people we’ve had over the 20 years.”
Mr Stewart is now a director of Living Here Premium Property Management South Yarra, but he still makes time to drop by the Ray White Warrnambool office at 64 Banyan Street.
“When you’re involved in a company like Ray White, where they guide you with great leadership, it’s a wonderful organisation to belong to,” he said.
Ray White Victoria and Tasmania CEO Domenic Belfiore congratulated the Ray White Warrnambool team on the outstanding milestone.
“They’ve been a very strong regional Ray White business for a long, long time,” Mr Belfiore said.
“We’re very proud of them and what they’ve achieved.”
Ray White Group joint chairman Brian White also congratulated the Warrnambool office on its 20th year anniversary.
“The ongoing growth of such a strong and successful relationship between Ray White and the local Warrnambool community is terrific,” Mr White said.
“It is satisfying to see such hard work and dedication and we look forward to supporting Jess’ ambitions into the future.”