Ray White Townsville new property management service

Real Estate agencies aren’t renowned for giving back to tenants, but that’s exactly what the team at Ray White Townsville is doing this Easter.

The team recently decided to look at the number of long-term tenants in their rental portfolio and were surprised to see that 44 tenants had been living in the same property for more than five years.

“We were shocked to see the numbers. The rental market in Townsville is best known for its transient nature, due to the impact of the defence force.

“While this keeps the rental market strong, it also leads to the regular turnover of tenants,” Tracy Crome, Partner of Ray White Townsville, said.

“We decided that it was time to reward our tenants who stay with us for five or more years and say thank you not only for being loyal but also for looking after the homes they live in.”

This Easter, the long-term tenants of Ray White Townsville are receiving a surprise gift.

“It’s a small token to show that we do recognise and appreciate them.

“We’re inviting each of our long-standing tenants into the office in April and when they arrive, they’ll be given an Easter gift and a personal thanks from the whole team,” Tracy explains.

“Townsville has a huge investor market and many of your tenants will eventually become your landlords.

“This is a way to show the community that we aren’t just out to take their rent, but that we care about our tenants as much as any other client.

“We think they’ll love the gesture and plan to continue to celebrate our long-term tenants well into the future,” Tracy concludes.