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Tauranga is home to over 110,000 people – all of whom would enjoy living in a city with so much natural beauty.

The location of this place is something to behold – from the wide ranging bays to the extinct volcano that forms part of the skyline of this wonderful city. The luscious greenery of mountain is balanced by the white sandy beaches that stretch the length of the town, solidifying its place as one of the prettiest cities in New Zealand.

Tauranga is known for its beaches and therefore becomes a hot holiday destination in the summer. Should you own Tauranga real estate – you will be able to enjoy the scenery all-year long while visitors leave when their vacation is over.

In addition to this, the area is widely regarded for its coastal reefs and there are diving schools that cater to those interested in such things. The water culture is quite prominent as it attracts surfers, swimmers, surf skiers, kayakers and kite surfers.

Residents of Tauranga can enjoy the fresh air and it has many parks and other outdoor areas for locals to make the most of the scenery.

The area has a fine reputation for its production of fresh produce such as kiwi fruits and avocados and, in recent times, has become home to a number of wineries and vineyards. Given its coastal location, shipping is a major part of the local economy and its ports often play host to large container ships or luxury cruise liners.

As a major city, Tauranga caters to all forms of education from pre-, primary, secondary, university and vocational schools.

Located just two hours from the country's largest city of Auckland, Tauranga provides the perfect balance between regional peace and proximity to urban luxuries.

There are many religious faiths present in the area and therefore has a wide range of houses of worship including, Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Buddhism.

Tauranga is serviced by a comprehensive bus network and has a local airport, which provides flights to Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch.

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