Ray White servicing the Nambour community

RAY White elite performer Michael Stack has expanded his business to now include Nambour.

“We’re so excited to see Michael Stack start servicing the needs of this real estate community in Nambour,” Ray White QLD CEO Tony Warland said.

“We know Michael is looking forward to being able to put a shopfront in place in the near future which will create an environment for people to view more property and do more real estate transactions.”

Mr Stack, also Ray White Sippy Downs principal licensee, is working with a number of key members to grow into the Nambour marketplace, including third-generation local Peter Chant.

Mr Stack said Nambour, as part of the wider Sunshine Coast area, was experiencing an injection of youth.

“There’s an influx of people moving into the region, obviously for the lifestyle but also there’s now greater opportunity around medical, health and education sectors,” Mr Stack said.

“I’m confident a lot of millennials will have Nambour on their shopping list as the place to buy their first home because of what the area has to offer.”

Mr Chant, born and bred in Nambour, will assist Mr Stack as lead agent.

“Peter joined Ray White at the age of 19 and was one of the group’s first Accelerate graduates,” Mr Stack said.

“Peter has had the ongoing support and training under Brett Graham and myself, and he’s been part of an Elite Team that has finished number one on the Sunshine Coast for the past three years and recently ranked number 13 in Queensland.

“Peter is armed with a cache of tools and skills that will assist him as a stand-alone agent in this competitive marketplace. Peter’s heart and soul lies in the area. He’s passionate about Nambour, its heritage and what the township has to offer.”

Mr Chant’s grandparents relocated to the area in the 1950s where they started a banana farm, so his family is deeply entrenched in the community.

“Nambour is the epicentre of the Sunshine Coast with great growth in infrastructure,” Mr Chant said.

“It’s also an important feeder town for surrounding areas. The Nambour market deserves a service of real value and that’s what we are providing.”