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A residential area in the north island of New Zealand, Remuera, is known for its famous residents (former and current), which include the famed explorer Sir Edmund Hillary and the well-known TV presenter Paul Holmes.

As a suburb, Remuera has a population of around 7,000 people. Ten minutes from the Auckland CBD, the suburb is in a unique position to take advantage of the CBD and all it has to offer while still not feeling overcrowded by the city noise. The brilliance of Remuera's location is that it is both convenient but decadent in its feeling of space.

Remuera is located in close proximity to many fine educational institutions, known for their academic excellences. These include St Michaels Primary, Remuera Primary, Dilworth Primary, King's School for Boys, St Peter's (co-educational) College, Epsom Girls Grammar, Baradene Girls School, Victoria Avenue Primary and Auckland Grammar School among many others.

The main shopping district of the area runs along Remuera road and boasts many stores along the route. The Tudor Mall is one of several arcades that can be found which, hosting a number of specialty stores which include ladies fashion and antique shops.

Remuera is also a fitness hub, with a number of clubs including golf and  racket clubs. The latter plays host to tennis courts, squash and a gym where its members can enjoy games with friends or enjoy a workout.

The golf club was built in 1934 and is known to be one of the best courses in Auckland. Just 15 minutes from the heart of the CBD, the club is both welcoming and relaxing.

The suburb also has a bowling and rugby club which the public are welcome to enjoy.

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