Ray White Patterson Lakes opens coffee bar

STEPHEN and Genevieve Hill, principals of Ray White Patterson Lakes in south-east Melbourne, wanted to brew up something special in their new premises.
So they decided to open their own hole-in-the-wall coffee bar.
The pair had been in their previous premises for three years when the opportunity arose to buy the larger fruit and vegetable shop next door.
“We haven’t moved far – we opened up the front door and moved our furniture in. It was very easy,” Mr Hill said.
They wanted to create some buzz for the new office, so they decided to welcome in the local neighbourhood with a cup of barista-brewed coffee.
“Instead of using the extra space for a meeting room, we decided to turn it into a coffee shop to bring people to the office. While they’re ordering their coffee…they can have a look at the screens and read some of the information about what’s on the market.”
The intimate hole-in-the-wall venue makes it easy for shoppers and locals to grab a coffee on their way past. But for the Hills, the aim isn’t to make huge profits.
“We want to draw people to the office and let them get to know us on a different level. One day they might be having coffee and decide to have a quick chat with one of the guys in the office about their real estate plans.”
With over 20 years experience in hospitality, Mr Hill’s passionate about the quality of his new venture, with ambitions to serve “the best coffee in Patterson Lakes.”
And so far, he seems to be on track, with the coffee proving popular despite the inclement Melbourne weather.