Ray White New Zealand conference wrap-up

Property Management Seminar Opens Ray White Conference

Ray White New Zealand held their conference this week with the opening of the Ray White Property Management Conference by business performance executive Zac Snelling, who looks after the property management group of Ray White.

In his opening comments Zac acknowledged the outstanding work of the property management team and spoke in particular of the collective commitment that was demonstrated for the landlord event in September 2016. He also emphasised the education offering of the Ray White Group around the landlord and tenant guide and more recently the claimable expenses for landlords.

Carey Smith addressed the property management team and talked about the growth opportunities available for members, particularly built on a platform of outstanding service.

Annie Gregg gave an address focused on quality communication, leadership and management principles. Her insights gave challenging references and were thought provoking.

Matthew Mewse is known as the ‘Telephone Man’. His address focused on the persuasion opportunities that the telephone can have with scripts and dialogues to assist in creating lead generation.

John Key, who served as the 38th Prime Minister of New Zealand, spoke about his political career, particularly around entering politics, his local electorate and also of the significance of being the Prime Minister of the day. Some of the highlights included the response to the Christchurch earthquake, the withdrawal of the New Zealand Defense Force in Afghanistan and the Trans Pacific Partnership.

The property management group for Ray White now looks after 16,900 with a value of in excess of $10 billion for landlords across New Zealand.

Chairman’s, Elite & Premier Celebrated

In what has been a standout year for the Ray White Group in the area of sales and property management, the annual Chairman’s, Elite and Premier evening is a feature on the recognition calendar. This year the event was held at the Northern Club in Auckland, with a record turnout of over 200 members celebrating the success and achievements during the past 12 months.

Brian White, Chairman of the Ray White Group, said that the relevance of top agents continues to polarise, with vendors being highly selective in their understanding of the choice of their agent and how the agent linked to quality of service is the difference between a good outcome and a great outcome.

Julie Ryan, Head of Elite Development for the Ray White Group, spoke of the continued skills and development path offered by Ray White. Julie made mention of the growth in capacity of status members and how they are building resources to enhance their levels of service and delivery outcomes to clients.

The Ray White Group has increased the level of status members and this year introduced the international Chairman’s Club which has welcomed nine new members from New Zealand. The achievements of the status club members have seen a growth of 18% in overall property sales and increased levels of properties under management.

National Conference Day Engages Audience

850 Ray White members joined together for the main national conference day, which begins early with exhibitors.

The conference itself was headlined by keynote speakers including Dr Libby Weaver, who spoke on health/life balance and gave insights into maintaining disciplines around personal aspects of life. Dr Libby also had autographed books available for members .

Willie Apiata VC enthralled the audience with captivating insights into his life when he was part of the New Zealand Special Air Services in Afghanistan. He spoke of his time overseas and also the homecoming ceremony held in his home town of Te Kaha. He went on to talk about the donation of the Victoria Cross medal to the NZSAS Trust so the medal would be protected for future generations.

Steve Hansen, Ray White New Zealand Global Brand Ambassador, spoke around key components of his connection with Ray White and the particular synergies that are similar to sport. He spoke of teamwork built on integrity and honesty, how attitude plays a significant part in getting results, and, most importantly, he described the importance of teamwork and how outcomes are achieved right up until the very end in both sport and business.

During the day Carey Smith, Chief Executive of Ray White New Zealand, spoke on reputation and covered the New Zealand Strategy which shows the company’s alignment to customer experience. This was highlighted by the 23% increase in the customer experience promoters that the Group has had in the last 12 months. He also acknowledged the excellent work of the Ray White Group members in collectively being awarded the New Zealand Quality Service Award through the Readers’ Digest.

In the third quarter of 2017 Ray White New Zealand will undertake a refresh in branding position. Jen Parker together with Larissa Tuhaka, who head marketing overviewed the brand enhancement, discussed how the company will now identify particularly with property, agent and agency marketing. The presentation amplified the need for outstanding commitment to brand excellence and how well the new brand is being received across the Ray White Group.

Ray White Remuera Crowned Office of the Year 

The Ray White Group last night celebrated collectively with over 1,000 members their annual recognition evening at the SkyCity Convention Centre. The highlight of the evening is the Office of the Year recognition, which this year was received by Ray White Remuera business owner Megan Jaffe.

In the acceptance of the Office of the Year award, Megan spoke of how her team has focused on client interests at heart and how this has been reflected in the outstanding results and customer experience the client of the Ray White Remuera office receive. She said it had been a stunning year for her team members and while acknowledging the outstanding results of the salespeople, Megan took time to emphasise the significant contribution of her support and administration team, who she said anchors the business to be such a success.

Carey Smith, Chief Executive of Ray White New Zealand, said that Ray White Remuera has had another stunning year. In receiving the New Zealand Office of the Year award, he said this was only part of the accolades bestowed on the Ray White Remuera office. “In 2016 they were crowned the Ray White International Office of the Year and also acknowledged by the REINZ Excellence Awards as the leading industry office in New Zealand. It is a true team effort and Ray White Remuera deliver outstanding results at all levels.”

More information on Ray White Remuera can be seen on rwremuera.co.nz.

Top Five Offices Celebrate Outstanding Results

This year Office of the Year was acknowledged by Carey Smith, Chief Executive of Ray White New Zealand. He said that the growth of these offices not only came in sales numbers but also just as importantly in the customer experience results for the company.

The top five offices nationally were at number 5 Ray White Metro from Christchurch;  Ray White Howick in the Eastern Bays of Auckland received the number 4 position; Ray White Ponsonby in the inner west of Auckland were acknowledged as number 3; the number 2 office for the Ray White Group was Ray White City Apartments. Ray White Remuera were recognised as the top business for the Group in New Zealand.

Ray White Howick business owner, Bob Mountfort, in his acceptance of the award, acknowledged the platform that the Ray White Group has continued to build over his 25 year tenure with the Group. It is such a successful family business that is driven by family values. We have continued to grow our business on the strength of these values that the Ray White Group share and this provides our integrated business with a strong future across the Eastern Beaches.

Tony McPherson from Ray White Metro spoke of the business mentoring that the Ray White Group through Mark McLeod deliver on a consistent basis. Tony said that the infrastructure around client relationships and the understanding of the experience for the customer were a key part of the development of the Ray White Metro business that has grown strongly during the past 12 months.

Simon Damerell from Ray White Ponsonby together with Gower Buchanan received the award as the third highest performing office in the Ray White Group. Simon, who has been a member of the Group for over 20 years, commented on the consistency of leadership, the constant desire of the Group to maintain excellence in branding. He said that their business had remained steadfast on auction marketing and this had been supported by Ray White with their commitment to consistent property marketing.

Phil Horrobin, leader of the Ray White City Realty team said it was fantastic to again be acknowledged as one of the top offices for Ray White. He said that his business had grown during the past 12 months to include new offices, but it is the City Apartments business which has consistently dominated the central Auckland market. He said his team knowledge and understanding of the city market is second to none and this drives their ability to be the market leader.

Megan Jaffe from Ray White Remuera said that the Group’s positioning continues to get stronger with the technology and services that the Group provide. Megan said that beyond the transaction the trust that we have in the organisation, particularly the leadership and the family values of the White Family, are a key reason to our continued proud support of the company. “We are delighted to be acknowledged as the leading office for the Group.”

The Ray White Group has had an exceptional year of growth. The company has seen a lift in customer experience promoters of 23% and this aligns to the strategy of the overall group. Today Ray White in New Zealand has 159 offices with a market share of 16.5% and $11.2 billion in property sales.

Supreme Salesperson Named for Ray White New Zealand

Ray White this year celebrated the achievements of their members at the annual awards and recognition evening held at SkyCity with over 1,000 members. It was a record attendance and the evening celebrated awards across all divisions, including property management, administration, commercial, rural and residential sales. The combination of all these divisions and the various winners brings together the top salesperson award known for the company as the Supreme Salesperson. This year Anton Huang from Ray White Howick was acknowledged at the evening for an outstanding year of residential property sales.

In accepting the award, Anton spoke of the value within the Ray White Group, particularly the leadership team in Mountfort Estate Agents and how he has been able to grow capacity in his business. While acknowledging the trust and confidence that he has received from his clients, Anton made special mention of the support that he has from his entire team, who maintain and align the customer experience to being the very best in the area.  He said the growth of his business has come down to the excellence in service that his team offers.

Carey Smith, Chief Executive of Ray White New Zealand, said “Anton joined the Ray White Group just 18 months ago and has gone from strength to strength with our technology platform underpinning the success that he has achieved. Anton also has a wonderful team around him that support each and every transaction and this has enabled his growth to be achieved with high customer experience scores, which align with the Strategy of the Ray White Group. We are particularly thrilled with Anton’s achievements both as our New Zealand Salesperson of the Year and also during 2016 as the number 3 international salesperson of the year.”