Ray White Indonesia celebrate 20 years

The Ray White Indonesian network is celebrating its 20th anniversary this month, recognising the 160 offices that have grown to be the market leader across the nation.

Still led today by founding partners, Johann Boyke Nurtanio and Sari Dewi, Ray White Indonesia were pioneers in establishing auctions in the country.

“When the government deregulated the law that allowed privately owned companies to conduct auctions, we were the first to register for the licence and began calling auctions straight away.

“We held our first auction in late 1997, which was successful and very well received, but the very next day came the news that 16 banks were to close down and for most people the future seemed uncertain.

“We presented to the Central Bank offering auction as the best strategy in disposing of the bank’s assets. With that, we were appointed by two banks in liquidation to auction all their property assets.

“After being successful in auctioning for those banks, we gained our reputation as the pioneer of auctions and most successful auction house. The rest is history,” Johann said.

Chairman of Ray White, Brian White AO, said the Group were delighted it’s achieved market leadership in residential real estate in Indonesia by a considerable margin.

“It’s been a delight to realise that this huge nation is comfortable and supportive of an Australian brand operating a crucial service in the lives of its citizens. We suggest that this achievement is not irrelevant to the ambitions of Australians generally to be pertinent and become integrated into the nations of our north,” he said.

After launching in 1997 with six offices, Ray White Indonesia’s presence grew in three years to 40 businesses. Today the network’s 160 offices are located in 25 cities across 17 provinces with more than 2,000 salespeople. The ambition is to have 250 offices by 2020.