Ray White Hong Kong opens

A Ray White office has opened in Eastern Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay and Wan Chai area.

Following an extensive search for a suitable person to lead the new Ray White office in Hong Kong, Ray White China CEO Marcus Ng has proudly announced that James Li will be taking charge of this promising new business.

“James Li is a very capable operator who has a long history and good track record as a real estate agent who previously focussed on the US and Japanese markets,” Marcus said.

“We are also delighted about his plan of selling boats and private jets in his Hong Kong office and his retail shop, which is also a venture we as corporate will support to ensure its every success.”

A popular tourist destination, Causeway Bay has in recent times become an area in high demand by businesses keen to get a piece of the lucrative Chinese tourism market.

Ray White chairman, Brian White, said the new office heralds an exciting time for Ray White in China and is delivering on our ambitions to effectively service Chinese property investors.

“Through this new office we aim to create a deeper credibility among the Chinese community,” Mr White said.

“We will, as before, continue to support James Li’s Ray White office in Hong Kong, making sure it will deliver fantastic results for both the business and the Ray White Group.”


James Li, CEO
E: james@raywhitehk.com