Ray White Belconnen’s customer first ethos

Ray White Belconnen has overtaken Ray White Remuera for the first time in two years to be crowned the number one office for customer satisfaction in November.
When used correctly the Net Promoter Score is attached to growth and turnover, and Ray White Belconnen have also just traded their best month ever.
NPS is a key measure to predict business and market share growth by measuring how many of your customers will go on to refer and recommend you to others.
Ray White Customer Experience manager Katie Manfield said it’s little surprise to see that in the same month Belconnen had their biggest ever sales month, they topped the international leaderboard for customer satisfaction for Ray White.
“Belconnen sent more surveys to customers and gathered more feedback than any other Ray White office showing true customer experience leadership,” Ms Manfield said.
“We want to encourage agents to seek feedback from every customer. Not only their promoters. By shifting the focus to more surveys sent and completed by our customers, we hope to ensure that every agent;s score has integrity and is a reflection of each customer’s transaction.
“We have found that some agents avoid sending customer surveys in a bid to avoid negative feedback, and that’s something we aim to change. By giving our customers the chance to share their opinions with us, we as business owners can help our agents to make better decisions.”
Ray White CEO of Growth Mark McLeod said when a business can harness this desire to go above and beyond for every customer, growth, market share and success is inevitable.
“Remuera has been our number one business for both sales and customer experience for so long, and rightly so – Megan Jaffe and her team run a business based on providing the best outcomes for customers,” Mr McLeod said.
“As an emerging leader in our network, it’s great to see Belconnen raising the bar even higher again. Measuring their customers’ experiences using NPS encourages a whole team of sales agents to come together, focussing on a common goal – delivering excellent experiences to every customer. “
Ray White Belconnen starts their weekly sales meeting by handing out certificates for 10/10 and ends with sharing a testimonial from the team.
Ray White Belconnen principal Ben Faulks said their whole philosophy was centred on business growth to match quantity in lockstep with quality.
“NPS provides a framework for us to monitor our performance through the eyes of the customer, particularly as we grow. We know that the clients we are dealing with today are absolutely vital to the future success of our business, so if we drop the ball today we are going to pay for it in years to come,” Mr Faulks said.
“We are continuing to try and create a more transparent environment where people feel comfortable to raise things before they become an issue.
“In some ways we like to think that our focus on the customer has helped fuel our growth journey to date, as those buyer enquiries and past sellers we looked after over the past 6-7 years have spread the word that we aim to do good.
“Reputation is so easy to lose, and NPS gives you accountability when you might think about taking a shortcut for an easy win, despite the fact it could cause long term pain.”
The Belconnen team’s five core values are – success, leadership, teamwork, humility and reliability.
“But at the centre of all that sits an ethos of Customer First. We strive to put the customer at the centre of every decision that we make, and every action that we take.”
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