Ray White Albury hits 10 year milestone

RAY White Albury owner Sharon Jacka is an inspirational leader who lives by the code to “always be mindful to appreciate what you have”.
Ms Jacka is celebrating her 10 year milestone with the family-owned Ray White Group, the biggest property group in Australasia,
It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions over the last decade for Ms Jacka with many great highs and heartbreaking lows.
She recently lost her son Karl to a rare cancer which naturally threw her whole world upside down.
Karl had been managing one of his mum’s satellite offices at Howlong from 2010-14 and he worked in sales.
“Having my family work with me was the ultimate,” Ms Jacka said, whose daughter Andrea has also built up her rent roll from zero to over 500 managements.
But Ms Jacka’s world came crashing down in mid-2016 when Karl, a fit 35 year old, was diagnosed with a rare cancer and she dropped everything to support him.
“I tried to find help for him anywhere in the world but unfortunately after turning every stone nothing would save him and he passed away January 28 this year. I was absent from my business throughout his illness and for a while after and returned to work around March this year as he left behind his wife and seven year old daughter who also had my support throughout this tragic time,” Ms Jacka said.
“I am blessed with tremendous staff who kept the business going throughout this most dreadful period.”
Ms Jacka herself has battled Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and endured chemotherapy treatment for nearly three years before she was finally given the all clear this year.
“Throughout my illness I continued working and reflecting back on this I have no idea how I managed this, maybe I was in denial.” she said.
Ms Jacka now has three grandchildren who are her “world”.
“Something I know now that I didn’t 10 years ago was to appreciate what you have around you and be mindful that a ‘no to someone is a yes to yourself’ meaning you are only capable of so much.
“My son always reminded me that ‘attitude is a choice’. This can be applied with staff or clients and is simple but effective.
“The hallmarks of my success is definitely hard work but most importantly great family support and my customer service that I do deliver what I promise.
“I love being a sales agent as I truly enjoy every transaction and while some do cause angst at the end there is the satisfaction that no matter of client’s circumstances you know you have made a positive difference to their lives.”
Ray White Victorian and Tasmanian chief executive Domenic Belfiore said having Sharon and her team as part of the Ray White family was a tremendous privilege.
“We are thrilled with what Sharon and the Ray White Albury team have been able to achieve over the last 10 years,” Mr Belfiore said.
“While there have been ups and downs, but Sharon’s sheer desire to support and develop her team, while always doing the very best for her clients, has always been something to admire.
“We have been extremely blessed to have someone of the calibre of Sharon in our group and congratulate her 10 year milestone.”
The Albury region has many positives being on the NSW/ Victoria border with Wodonga and has experienced continuous growth and conveniently located on the Hume Highway between Melbourne and Sydney. With a lot of different industries, excellent education,
sport, hospitals and close proximity to Snowfields and wineries which taps into tourism.
“It is a safe property market and very attractive for investors from the capital cities in particular the past five years has strong evidence that the investor market has been the driving force in this region,” Ms Jacka said.
“I have the utmost respect for the White family and have admired them for their support and kindness they have shown towards me reflects what great family values they have and confirms why I am always proud to be in the group.”