Rail Network Reforms To Benefit Sydneysiders

Property buyers will soon have even more reason to consider Sydney as a potential destination, thanks to a transformation of the city's rail network.

The government has announced plans to provide extra capacity along popular routes, making it easier for Sydneysiders to commute in and out of the New South Wales state capital.

The plans have been met with praise by the Property Council of Australia, which described Sydney as "fundamentally a city of commuters".

Executive director for New South Wales Glenn Byres said: "The reforms aspire to create a network designed to anticipate and encourage growth, and recognise the role of Sydney's CBD as our economic jewel in the crown."

He pointed out that, at present, services from the north-west are unable to run seamlessly to the city centre and beyond – a problem this transformation should help to rectify.

Sydney is also soon to welcome the first large-scale trigeneration energy network in Australia, thanks to a $5 million funding boost from the state government.

Gas-fired trigeneration is believed to be around twice as energy efficient as coal-fired electricity, helping reduce carbon pollution across the City of Sydney by 70 per cent by 2030.