Queensland’s Real Estate Industry Increasing Compliance With Pay Agreements

A campaign by the Fair Work Ombudsman has found that over 80 per cent of real estate employers in Queensland now comply with the workplace laws of lodging staff pay agreements, according to recently completed audits in the sector.

Out of the 279 employers audited in Queensland’s real estate industry, 230 (82 per cent) lodged written agreements with staff to the Queensland Property Industry Registry (QPIR).

The QPIR works with the real estate industry to offer employment solutions to encourage flexibility and productivity for industry customers.

It’s necessary under the Real Estate Industry Award 2010 that real estate employees must be registered with the QPIR and classified as either property/strata management staff or property sale employees.

This result is a huge improvement over a campaign conducted in 2011, where only 48 per cent of employers had lodged their written agreements with the QPIR.

These agreements must state how the employee will be paid – commission only, part commission or as per the rates listed in the Modern Award. 

Only 49 (18 per cent) of employers working in Queensland state had failed to submitted their lodged agreements with the QPIR.

The acting Fair Work Ombudsman, Michael Campbell, said the improvement in compliance rates among real estate employers was encouraging.

He said that 50 of the employers who had failed to comply in 2011 were now in line with the QPIR.

This compliance is important because many underpayment complaints which come from Queensland real estate workers are against employers who haven’t lodged payment agreements with the QPIR.

"Employers who fail to lodge agreements are at greater risk of underpaying their employees," he said in a statement released May 28.

"By ensuring employers are complying with the requirement to lodge agreements, we are aiming to prevent underpayments and pay disputes before they occur."