QLD Minerals Town Receives Housing Boost From Govt

Saturday, September first marked the beginning of the Queensland government's fast-tracked program to release land for real estate in communities with high levels of mineral resources.

160 lots will be created in Blackwater's Blue Ridge and the development will allow for recreational parks, playing equipment and barbeque areas.Bushlark Grove in Moranbah contains more than 150 lots and provides parkland and recreational activities for the local area.

The Newman government has accelerated the construction at Blackwater and Moranbah which was promised at the beginning of August.

The deputy premier and minister for development have approved and signed off for the next stages of the Blue Ridge development in Blackwater and the fast-tracking of the next stage of Moranbah's Bushlark Grove.

Minister for state development, infrastructure and planning Jeff Sweeney said freeing up this land is vital to improving housing in central Queensland.

"This weekend (September 8 and 9) more than 50 allotments will go on sale in both projects with more lots being released as demand dictates.

"Actions such as this, taken by the Newman government, will contribute to addressing the stresses on land supply and housing in these regions, in the shortest possible time," he said.