QLD gov’t to reinvigorate transport in south-east

Residents of real estate on the Gold Coast may be interested to hear that the Queensland government is set to improve public transport in the area.

Ten additional lines are expected to run along the Gold Coast train line every week as part of the government's commitment to improving the transport service.

Given the hour drive between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, commuters may welcome the announcement.

In addition to the extra services, transport and main roads minister Scott Emerson said an advisory group has been instructed to provide submissions on fare pricing structures.

"This government is committed to delivering better cost of living for Queensland families and passengers," he added.

"This will be reflected in our six-month action plan commitment to announce a new fare structure for public transport in south-east Queensland."

In a bid to tackle a lack of affordability, the minister explained that the savings made from a more affordable network would be reinvested into making fares cheaper.

Mr Emerson explained that an affordability crisis was created as a result of the previous government's continuous 15 per cent price hikes.

Queensland Rail started negotiations this week to streamline their operation by consolidating a number of departments, in a bid to cut costs.