Pool rules changed for QLD residential property owners

If you own a residential property with a swimming pool in Queensland, you may benefit from a new legislative amendment that could save you a considerable amount of time and money.

Last Thursday (July 26), housing and public works minister Bruce Flegg announced that building applications will no longer need to be submitted by pool owners if they wish to repair or upgrade their pool barrier.

Calling the change a "sensible decision", Dr Flegg asserted that the new change could save residential homeowners between $350 and $900.

"Previously, pool owners had to submit a building application for any fencing works for a pool barrier involving more than five metres of fence or more than six fence posts," he explained.

Dr Flegg added that under the new changes, this work can now be inspected by a pool safety inspector – and there are now a number of other repairs and maintenance works that pool owners may be able to carry out without supervision, such as replacing just one or two fence posts.

But he advised that homeowners considering DIY repairs should use their common sense and proceed with caution – when more extensive upgrades are being carried out, it is important to enlist the help of a qualified pool safety inspector before any work is done.