Phil and Amity win The Block: All Stars

The Block: All Stars came to a close last night, with all four couples managing to see their homes sell, as Phil and Amity reaping the highest auction results.

The mum and dad duo managed to get the greatest amount above their reserve price, meaning that in addition to that figure they were also rewarded with a $100,000 bonus.

Despite being last up for auction, mum and dad team Phil and Amity's $1.375 million reserve was quickly left for dead. Selling for $1.67 million, they made nearly $300,000 from the sale alone – and with the $100,000 prize money, they took home $395,000 – tax free.

Newlyweds Josh and Jenna were given the chance to see their house go under the hammer first, with the result relying heavily upon the advertising from their agent – Ray White Maroubra's Cameron Airlie. The reserve price for the piece of real estate was set at $1.375 million and the bids slowly started to come in. It eventually built to an offer of $1.6 million before finishing at $1.65 million, earning Josh and Jenna $275,000 for their six weeks' worth of work.

Tradie mates Mark and Duncan were next, with their home commanding a reserve price of $1.345 million. Bids were few and far between and as a result, they were only able to produce a selling price of $1.375 million. They were far from happy, but Mark and Duncan were satisfied that they had enjoyed themselves on The Block.

Boyfriend and girlfriend team Dan and Dani were keen to go first in the order, but the luck of the draw saw them go third. The auctioneer they had chosen has won The Block twice before, so the duo were confident in what was to transpire. Their $1.355 million reserve price was quickly blown away, as a slow start turned into frenzied bidding. With the final selling price sitting at $1.575 million, it led to a $220,000 cheque landing in the pockets of Dan and Dani.

With Phil and Amity winning, Josh and Jenna came in an impressive second with $275,000, Dan and Dani came in third with $220,000 in winnings, while Mark and Duncan will split their $25,000 between themselves.