Mobile Coverage May Make WA Rural Real Estate More Appealing

People considering their options when it comes to regional real estate in Western Australia may be enticed by news that better mobile and internet coverage is coming to more remote areas of the state.

This week (May 2), WA commerce minister Michael Mischin asserted that as mobile coverage and better access to broadband continues to roll out across the state, many communities are already seeing benefits.

Townships such as Bencubbin, which is located in the shire of Mt Marshall, have only had access to upgraded mobile and internet services for a couple of months, but are already embracing the new technologies.

"The shire is sending community announcements via SMS, looking at creating a Facebook page and adopting modern technologies, such as tablets," said Mr Mischin.

Other positive benefits of the new technology include faster response times from emergency services and more opportunities for local businesses to expand and promote their organisations.

In total, Telstra has already switched on 49 out of the 113 RCMP towers, which are being constructed in part due to the $39.2 million grant received from the Royalties for Regions program.

The roll-out, which began last year, is estimated to take approximately three years to complete.