Michael Krimotat

Director, Ray White Double Bay

Motivated and dynamic, Michael Krimotat is a licensed real estate agent with energy to spare and a positive attitude that ensures his clients get the attention, enthusiasm and professionalism they deserve.

With over ten years experience in the real estate industry, Michael thrives on the social interaction the business requires of him and endeavours to build great relationships with his clients. An appreciation for Sydney’s many and varied housing styles has also fuelled Michael’s passion for real estate. Backed by a matchless understanding of his local area, Michael has a solid knowledge base which ensures sound advice and dependable strategising.

Michael’s personable nature lead him to choose Ray White Double Bay as the perfect partnership, seeing in the company a family oriented environment that meshed with his own personality. What sets Michael apart from other real estate agents is a considerate, forward-thinking and affirmative approach. Not one to skirt around issues and always prepared to tackle any challenge head on.


"Michael is very professional and did not make the situation stressful at all for me. It was great because if there was something negative about the situation which of course there always is, he never honed in on it and only focused on doing his best to get the best result and for me that was the bottom line so I didnt need to know the tiniest detail about everything because I believe this is actually what causes the most anxiety generally when selling a home. I guess depending on the vendor everyone feels differently but this just highlights that Michael is in touch with his vendors and where they are at emotionally!! Michael is also an unbelievable negotiator and he is seriously an expert at this!! It obviously comes very naturally to him and being so level headed consistently he is able to keep things in perspective."

44 George Street, DOVER HEIGHTS, NSW