Melbourne to Hong Kong: Andrew Salvo and James Li’s partnership

When Ray White Southbank principal Andrew Salvo and Ray White Hong Kong CEO, James Li, were introduced it was the beginning of a successful partnership that has seen a number of projects marketed to Asia with another five launching before December this year.

“I have been working in the Asia market for close to seven years in my previous position in our family development business, The Salvo Property Group. Over that time I developed a lot of distribution avenues to sell Salvo Projects.

“When James and I met and through our discussions, we both felt that we shared very similar goals, values and ideas.

“We are now working closely across the majority of projects we currently list, and through my Ray White project marketing office, I have been able utilise the same networks to sell many of my developer clients’ stock into the Asian markets,” Andrew said.

The partnership has held mutual benefits for both Andrew and James’ businesses. Last month, Andrew and three members of his team including his local Cantonese speaking legal team ran a seminar in James’ office covering topics on migration to Australia, fundamentals for investing in Australia, and presented a number of investment opportunities in Melbourne.

“From a brand perspective and to increase my listing capability of developments, I have seen extensive benefits in promoting Ray White’s global reach and projecting both a corporate and global image of Ray White,” Andrew said.

“James’ office is an integral part of my presentation and a distribution strategy that very few of my competitors can offer.”

Over the next six weeks Andrew’s project marketing office will be launching five projects in Hong Kong with a target of 50 sales in the next two months. The launch will involve a series of seminars and a retail advertising campaign across multiple media platforms to promote the project offerings.

Andrew’s Project Marketing office upcoming developments:

  • Clarindale in Oakleigh South – 137 Apartments – (Our local Projects team will be launching this weekend in Melbourne)
  • Bell, Preston VIC – 45 apartments (
  • The General, Northcote VIC (100 apartments on High Street, Northcote)
  • Marina Tower, Docklands VIC (300+ Apartments)
  • Wil&Co, South Yarra VIC – 50 Apartments