Melanie Sutton

Business Manager to Shaun Burdo, Ray White Surry Hills

Melanie brings an enviable set of client service skills and volumes experience to her role at Ray White Surry Hills. After spending over several years in government and environmental roles, and most recently 3 years in the property industry, Melanie amalgamates her knowledge on legislation and the property industry to created her unique and successful approach to real estate. As Assistant Sales Consultant to Shaun Burdo & the team Melanie utilizes her concise communication skills and business acumen, to provide top quality service to her clients.

Melanie has become an invaluable resource for the Shaun Burdo Group.  Complementing their skill sets, Melanie contributes her strengths in strong communication and relationship management, organizational prowess during the sales process, and strong eye for visual presentation. Melanie’s astute client-orientated approach, analytical and problem solving skills, and genuine, kind-natured personality allow her to work in an efficient way, creating the space to focus directly on the individual needs of her clients.