Meet Mohammed Ali from Manuwera

Meet Mohammed Ali. Ray White’s Mohammed Ali.

Much like the famous boxer, our Mohammed Ali – or “Bobby” as he is known – is incredibly well known. Only, Bobby’s fame is mostly concentrated in the Manurewa area, one of the most multicultural suburbs in Auckland, where he is heavily engaged in the area’s Muslim community.

His fame comes from his social and religious involvement in the area, his obsession with fishing and regular advertising on the local Indian radio station and the Indian Auckland Times.

He is so well-connected that over 90 per cent of his clients are from the local Muslim community. They come directly from his involvement in local mosques and the only Muslim school in New Zealand, Al-Madinah School in Mangere. In fact, all of the teachers at Al-Madinah only buy and sell through Bobby.

Testament to Bobby’s popularity and respect within his community, last week he accidentally started a snowball of donations to the school. Al-Madinah needs $2million for improvements and has secured 60 per cent of that through the New Zealand government. The remaining $800,000 had to come from fundraising so, without a second thought Bobby wrote a cheque for $10,000.

“He shies away from publicity but he is a huge supporter of his community,” office Principal Sue Douglas says.

“Bobby presented $10,000 to Principal Asin Ali of Al-Madinah School, Mangere. I only found out by chance that Bobby was doing this, when I asked him if he was attending our auctions that night.”

“He told me he couldn’t come because he was going to a dinner to present his cheque.  When I found out, just 2 hours prior, I organised my administrator to produce the image of the cheque above. Bobby donates so much back to his community without ever expecting anything back.  He is so humble,” Sue explains.

Bobby’s basic ethos is this: whatever you do for others you get returned to you 70,000 times over. This is part of the ethos that underpins why Bobby’s clients all turn into his friends. They’re all invited out on his beloved fishing boat (Bobby goes fishing every Thursday, religiously) and if their sea legs aren’t solid, he simply brings them back a fresh snapper.

“I’m a very keen fisherman – I must spend one day per week on my fishing boat,” he said, “You go out with Bobby with fishing if you buy or sell with him.”

“Good multiples for you time and time again. I never consider that money is going out of my business.”

Then the snowball started. Not long after $140,000 had been donated by the community.

The school currently has 500 students and aspires to cater for an additional 250 in coming years.

Bobby’s cheque was presented at the school’s annual Farewell Dinner.

Bobby is incredibly proud to be part of the Ray White team and grateful for their support of his clients, especially on his fishing day.

“When I’m out on the boat on a Thursday, I still have clients who want to see properties. So I offer a 20 per cent cut for colleagues who take buyers for an inspection.”

Bobby sells mostly to first home buyers and investors and the stock is generally valued in the $400,000 – $600,000 bracket.

“Sue [Douglas, the office principal] is number one boss. I’m not that literate with the computer, so Sue helps me a bit,” Bobby explains.

Sue, too, is proud of Bobby in her team.

“He’s almost Elite, and he has done this by himself with no PA. He’s about two sales away from reaching [Alan White] Elite status,” Sue said.

“He is fantastic networker and contributor to our local community.”

The CEO of New Zealand, Carey Smith, is incredibly proud of Bobby’s work in the community and in real estate.

“Bobby in his own right is a high performer within the Ray White Group and has always maintained not only a high quality service level for individual clients, but has consistently maintained a strong relationship with the community through projects such as his fundraising support of Al-Madinah.  Bobby’s help with this specific project will certainly help children and families and that sits alongside our Ray White values,” Carey said.