Max Klimenko

Licensed Real Estate Agent, Ray White Green Square | Botany

"I enjoy being able to help people with the sale of their biggest asset. I love being invited into people´s homes and being given the opportunity to introduce fresh ideas and an eye for detail that will showcase their property." With a genuine understanding and empathy for his clients, Max recognises that buying and selling are both stressful and life changing decisions and he ensures that each client is handled in a professional manner. He can deliver a package and service that is second to none; with energy to burn and a focus on customer service and satisfaction, the results Max achieves are truly outstanding.

Max´s extensive training and development has left him well equipped with the skills necessary to ensure all of his clients receive the highest level of
service and attention. Equipped with the tools and resources that help his clients achieve results that truly stand out, he takes the time to run through
his clients' goals and ensure the process is as efficient as possible.

Trustworthy and dependable, Max´s ability to build strong relationships with his clients is clear when he´s assisting buyers in finding a home and it's these attributes that make him an ideal choice when selling property.


Max has exceeded my expectations in achieving a great result - my property was sold soon after it was listed, it did not need to go to auction and I was very pleased with the price achieved. Max is a real professional with great experience and expertise in the field, his communication skills are second to none and he works very hard for his clients. He's honest, genuine and enthusiastic and he also has a gift for selling properties! I would not hesitate to recommend Max to others wishing to sell their property and I would use his services again if I ever wish to sell in future.

Natalia and Alexander - A408/11 Hunter St, WAterloo

Max Klimenko as an agent you are The Best A professional working for us. Honest & accurate with your advice. Empathetic to our needs. Max came recommended to us and after a very stress free experience we would recommend him to anyone.

Ana and Neil Organ - 468/83-93 Dalmeny Ave, Rosebery

Thanks Max, your great to deal with, straight to the point, easy to communicate with, strong property knowledge, I recommend Max to anyone wishing to buy or sell in the Sydney property market. Cheers Richard

Richard Ayoub - 935/2 Stedman Street, Rosebery

I would recommend Max highly for the way he managed himself and conducted the sale. He dealt with me with transparency, he provided honest and on point advice and was always eager to help where he could. I strongly recommend you consider Max's services for your next sale.

Pankaj Choithramani - 84/109 O'Riordan St, Mascot

If you're selling or buying you know it is a stressful process. Having a real estate agent to assist with the process makes life much easier. But finding one that is not only good at what he/she does but also reliable, honest and one that has integrity is really hard to find. Max is all of that and more, he not only helped us maximise our sale he was so hands on and patience to guide us through the whole process. Even if we hadn't achieve the final selling price I would've still written him this great review and recommend him to anyone that's looking for an agent. You may decide to go with another agent because they've offered you a cheaper rate, the fact that Max will not lower his commission is because he knows he can always match up his cost with excellent service. If you're honest with what you're looking for in the beginning and explain your needs I really believe that Max is the one that can make it come true. We have been in the property market (wanting to sale and buy) for at least 10 years, so I have been in contact and spoke to many agents. In fact about 3 months ago I sold another property and I never realise what low standards of service I got from these agents until we had dealing with Max. There is just no comparison. Max is smart but not overbearing, he knows how to maximise a sale yet not leaving the buyer feeling that they have been tricked into paying a higher price. He is someone that will take time to get to know you and REALLY LISTEN as well. So don't go to an agent that will offer you the cheapest rate go to someone that will maximise your sale and also provide you with the best service! Best Wishes to Max

Amy Dong - 79/83-93 Dalmeny Ave, Rosebery

Max has been our trusted Agent for many years now and this is not our first property that has been sold by Max as our agent. This is why, we deal with max personally, regardless which Agency he is engaged is based on overall quality that we receive during every our property sale and purchase and we will keep dealing with Max further on track. Max is genuinely intelligent and highly intellectual, knows his job and the market, including trends and predictions...His opinion is not just valuable, but also strongly paramount for us, before we take our final decision on the property deal. Max picks quickly not just our general requirements, but also somewhat your personal feel, in other words - how would you feel in the property you buy and to make sure that you will be happy in your purchase...For that, only professionalism is not enough, you have to be high in your personal skills and to be trustworthy at 100%....We look forward to our second property sale and also our home purchase very soon...Thumbs up, Max!

Igor Zablotsky - 20/37 Morley Ave, Rosebery

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Max Klimenko as my preferred real estate agent of choice. It's not very often that I come across a Real Estate agent that holds the upmost integrity, transparency and absolute commitment to getting the deal over the line in a win-win situation for both the vendor and buyer. Max builds relationships based on loyalty, honesty and trust in which creates a stress free flowing environment. It is with these attributes and having previously transacted with Max that I was able to call Max very late on a Thursday evening and talk the deal over the phone with him and by 11am the next morning the contract was unconditionally signed. I wish you all the best on your pursuit in becoming a million dollar agent and I look forward to transacting with you in the future!

Phil Miraldo - 417/83-93 Dalmeny Ave, Rosebery

My wife and I chose Max when we sold our property in Rosebery and we are extremely happy we did. He is head and shoulders above the other agents in our area AND he got us a price well above what any other agent would have achieved. If you want the best, you go with Max. I definitely would not use anyone else.

Rami Abu-Ssaydeh - 417/83-93 Dalmeny Ave, Rosebery

I would certainly recommend Max to all my contacts and friends. Max was an outstanding asset in the whole process. He used his knowledge and contacts to go beyond the call of duty in order to help us prepare the unit for sale and during the sale process. He kept me up to date with every step and offered me solutions when I presented obstacles. Max was very prepared and organised and a pleasure to work with.

Grant Boiskin - 248/83-93 Dalmeny Ave, Rosbery

Max was able to deliver a great result after picking up the job one week prior to auction. Unfortunately, the lead agent changed agencies during the campaign but Max was able to pick it up and within a week introduce a buyer who provided a great offer a couple days prior to auction. Would highly recommend Max for his knowledge of the area, sales skills and the huge database of existing buyers at his disposal!

Lester DeLeon - 20/13 Grandstand Pde, Zetland

Max is very professional, responsible, efficient and friendly. He pays attention to details and always gave me good advice on the best possible presentation of my apartment. He never failed to keep me updated with the prospective buys' feedback. I would have no hesitation to recommend Max.

Angus Ku - 591/83-93 Dalmeny Ave, Rosebery

Max is a really great sales person , we are so please with him. We are highly recommend him for someone who is wanting to sell or buy property from Max. Once again thanks so much for Max!

Julius Kuntjoro - 214/11 Potter St, Waterloo

Thank you to the Max again for the fantastic sale result in such cooling market. I have always recommended all the people I known of when comes to selling/buying the property. Max has always works hard on his profession. Well done thank you again Max!

Penny Hung - 435/3-11 McIntyre Street, Gordon

Many thanks to Max again for our second consecutive sale! Max was involved in all our properties sale and purchase throughout many years and we keep coming back to Max for all aspects of tje property markets and deals...Max has grown in to top professional and expert for complex property sale and purchase... Very intelligent, good negotiator and trusted character, he is easy and pleasant to deal with... We strongly recommend Max to all people we know... Thanks again, especially for our latest property sale, especially in this difficult and unstable property market....

Igor Zablotsky - 19/37 Morley Ave, Rosebery

Max is hard working, and always professional. He has exceptional communication skills, and great knowledge of the area. He always kept me well informed throughout the entire process. Thank you Max, for achieving a good sale result in a cooling market.

B T - 52/37 Morley Ave, Rosebery

As a vendor living overseas, I had to completely rely on an agent to look after the whole process and Max did a great job. Max styled the place without any input from me, looked after the open homes, paperwork and negotiated a price I'm very happy with. They kept me in the loop constantly with any progress and it all happened faster than I thought - which was great!!

Jenni Cubis - 307/7 Sterling Circuit, Camperdown

Max is the best real estate agent we know by far. He exceeds everyone else in his professionalism, dedication, and knowledge in the property market. The maX-factors: - Excellent negotiator: Our place was passed in at auction. We didn't think we could sell it at a good price because the market was going into a downturn. We gave Max 1 week to sell the place, or else we would lease it out. 1 week later Max managed to sell it for a RECORD PRICE. Unbelievable. - Going beyond his responsibilities. Max fixed our garage doors - free of charge! It would have cost us $1200 to get that fixed somewhere else. When we had to do a last minute clean-up, Max helped us negotiate a discount on the bill. - Accessible: We could contact Max at anytime and he would pick up our calls. He is friendly & professional. If we need to sell our place again, we will ask no one else but Max to do the job. Thanks again Max for your help!

Olivia Dewi - 442/83-93 Dalmeny Ave, Rosebery

We have found Max to be always available and always fully dedicated to every aspect of the sale. We highly recommend Max Klimenko

Jorge and Maria Miraldo - 1/231 Anzac Pde, Kensington

I found Max to be very professional and helpful in the search for me to buy my property in Roseberry. He was extremely down to earth and not pushy when I was making my offers, he kept in touch through the whole process and was honest with what was going to assist me to exchange. I am so happy with my new home purchase and will be sure to stay in touch with Max should I want to buy again or sell my property. Damien Bain

Damien Bain - 58/37 Morley Ave, Rosebery

Max's professionalism and expertise in this fast moving property market is second to none. His knowledge and advice of the local market is invaluable which makes the buying & selling experience much easier to handle. His enthusiastic and friendly character makes him feel like he's your helpful friend who is always there to answer your call. It all started when he helped us as our bidding agent to secure our new home, as a buyer his advice and bidding strategy is astonishing. I will give him 10/10. Afterwards, Max helped us to sell our old home and achieved a record price in history of the local area. What more can I say, I can only give him 11/10!!

Gordon Chan - 374/83-93 Dalmeny Ave, Rosebery

Max provided us with valuable insights and advice through an extended period leading up to the sale of our home. He is highly professional, has deep knowledge on the local market and was such a pleasure to deal with. He helped us take a lot of the pain out of the process, proactively communicated with us throughout the campaign and finally got us an excellent outcome. Thank you again Max.

Rohit Mandanna - 316/5 Queen St, Rosebery

Max has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Right from the get go, he demonstrated genuine passion and enthusiasm for his work and most importantly to help us sell our property at the price we wanted. It was a smooth and stress free experience through Max's demonstrated knowledge of the market and commitment to keeping us updated at every important point along the way. We also appreciate the honesty and transparency and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Max to our friends and family. Well done!

Steven Jin - B616/222 Botany Rd, Rosebery

Max, Thank you for your service throughout the whole sale process. Selling our property was a very emotion decision for me and my wife. Max was very professional and ensured that we were kept up to date twice a week. Max came up with and discussion strategies which tailored to the property and our preference. Thank you for all your assistance Max.

Patrick Borham - 117/11A Lachlan St, Waterloo

During the normally stressful time in purchasing a property, Max made everything so easy and simple. We told him what we were looking for and he found our perfect place within a short period of time. I would also highly recommend Max for any first home buyers as he takes the time to ensure the buyer understands the process completely.

Kimberley Boot - 336/2 Stedman St, Rosebery

As a buyer, i get tired of the slick nonsense, the sense that important issues are not being disclosed... and the sharp Italian suits! Max comes across as hoenst, approachable and able to engage with the tricky issues. Hes been thorough with all communications and questions and put me at ease (as best you can) through these tricky processes. and so for vendors, you can rest assured that max will handle us other very important parties very well! Thank you Matthew

Matthew Egan - 412/83-93 Dalmeny Ave, Rosebery

I am very happy with Max's service, he is very professional, helped us a lot, he helped us to organised painting, furniture, and even cleaning, he constantly give us feedback and do analysis for us, he also tried many ways to sell the property, and give me confidence in the quiet market, I really appreciate his effort on selling my property. Thank you! Helen

Helen Xu - 412/83-93 Dalmeny Ave, Rosebery

Most recent or updated property listings from Max Klimenko

3 Beds
2 Baths
2 Parking
1.02/33 Dunning Ave
Rosebery, NSW
For Sale $1,410,000
33 Dunning Avenue Rosebery NSW 2018 AUS
-33.912869 151.203811
3 Beds
2 Baths
1 Parking
498/83-93 Dalmeny Ave
Rosebery, NSW
For Sale $1,050,000
83-93 Dalmeny Avenue Rosebery NSW 2018 AUS
-33.915270 151.210275
4 Beds
2 Baths
2 Parking
170 Dunning Ave
Rosebery, NSW
170 Dunning Avenue Rosebery NSW 2018 AUS
-33.921262 151.200305
2 Beds
2 Baths
2 Parking
1205/43 Wilson St
Botany, NSW
43 Wilson Street Botany NSW 2019 AUS
-33.952020 151.204656
2 Beds
2 Baths
1 Parking
267/83-93 Dalmeny Ave
Rosebery, NSW
For Sale $795,000 - $820,000
83-93 Dalmeny Avenue Rosebery NSW 2018 AUS
-33.915270 151.210275
1 Beds
1 Baths
B103/9 Hunter St
Waterloo, NSW
For Sale $639,000
9 Hunter Street Waterloo NSW 2017 AUS
-33.901480 151.206803