Make the most of your balcony

When most people think of luxury amenities for a home, things like huge swimming pools and large, immaculate gardens generally come to mind.

However, one often overlooked amenity that just screams prestige property is a first-class balcony.

Who doesn't want the chance to wake up every morning and survey their property with a cup of coffee and a stunning view? Balconies not only provide you with more living space, they also offer the chance to get outside with an increased degree of privacy. 

Balconies are also just plain beautiful architectural additions that are sure to boost the resale value of your home.

On the other hand, having one more space to decorate can be a headache, especially if you've never had to jazz up a balcony before. After all, it's not the same as a bedroom and it's not quite like a backyard patio.

Here are some ideas you can use to give yourself a little inspiration!

Going green

Say your auction results left you the proud owner of a new home with a sizeable balcony. Instead of leaving this space barren, why not transform it into your very own Garden of Eden?

There are plenty of creative ways you can turn even a smaller vertical space into a thriving greenhouse.

Different sizes of pots and planters can serve your needs, and you can spruce up your balcony with a mixture of fragrant flowers, colourful plants and even edible treats.

Entertainment hub

If your balcony is on the bigger side, there's nothing stopping you from turning it into a place to entertain guests. All you need is a small table, some chairs, perhaps a candle or two and bam – you've got yourself the ideal spot to have drinks, dine or simply gab away with friends and family while enjoying Mother Nature.

Even smaller balconies can be turned into entertainment hubs if you invest in specialised furniture, such as tables and chairs that can fold up or elongate, in order to fit your space.

Me time

If you ever feel like you need to get away, a balcony can be the perfect spot to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and grab a little me time.

Set up a yoga mat, open a bottle of wine or simply sit and rest – no matter what kind of solace your after, balconies can give you he privacy and natural beauty you need to just breathe and be.