Luxurious warehouse living as Port Adelaide comes of age

Creative architecture, soaring six-metre ceilings, a 100 square metre office and internal gardens feature in this four to five bedroom three-level warehouse conversion in Port Adelaide.

Inspired by a prominent English church conversion, vendor David Harris described how in 2007 he and his wife turned what was a timber-framed shed on 500 square metres into a magnificent 1000 square metre residence.
“When you have ceilings this high you can do some really clever stuff by putting rooms up into the gable. We thought why not have a bit of fun with it?”

The creative flair included taking an area off the roof, taking out a section of floor and building a garden in the cellar. This open area is surrounded by a covered entertaining area and amplifies the natural light throughout the property.

“When you are lying in the bed you can gaze out into the outdoor open air garden,” he said.

Inch-thick jarrah floorboards and original foundations are also being part of the property’s character, according to Harris.

“There’s $90k worth of timber on the floor while the eaves are 100-year old Oregon trusses from California. You just can’t buy them any more.”

“I think it is a bit of a freak, the fact that these historic dinosaurs got left behind. During the economic collapse and the exit of commercial activity in Port Adelaide, buildings like this had no value so they weren’t knocked down.”

“Now people have started doing amazing stuff with them.”

Another unique feature is the 100 square metre office catering for at least six workstations where Harris currently runs his winery business from.

“The office is segregated from the residence by separate access from the foyer,” Harris said adding that the property is zoned ‘mixed use’.

“We were paying $40,000 a year to rent an office and it made much more sense from a taxation perspective to have it with our house,” he said.

Combine that with a 250 square metre cellar and storage area connecting to a three car garage and Harris thinks it is the perfect property for anyone whose business needs plenty of space.
“An architect, engineer, builder – anyone that wants to run an office and have all their spares or stores downstairs.”

“It’s a house where you can have three lots of people doing three different things and nobody will run into each other. We had 120 people there for my daughter’s wedding and there was still room to move.”

Selling agent Nick Psarros from Ray White Port Adelaide said the property’s chic design is reflective of changes to Port Adelaide.

“There’s exciting things happening here. All the pubs that have been sitting there idle have been snapped up and are being renovated while top restaurants and funky cafes are opening.”

“There’s also the new waterfront $200 million development of Fisherman’s Wharf. It’s the new place to be and you will see that if you drive through town. There is a real buzz here.”

1-3 Butler St Port Adelaide will be auctioned 15 October with expectations over $1 million.