Jordan Thams Sales

Sales Admin to Jordan Thams, Ray White Surfers Paradise

Max has only recently joined the Ray White Surfers paradise group, working in the “Jordan Thams Team” as Jordan’s Sales Associate. Max prides himself on being a fast learner, naturally curious and a selflessly hard worker with a natural enthusiasm when it comes to communicating with his clients.

Max is fascinated by having the opportunity to be a part of the Gold Coast’s future development potential moving forward and would love to see the Gold Coast to continue to grow to its full capability for its locals, investors and tourists. Max was educated at The Southport School and with links in the local community with family and friends; it is something that resonates well with his clients.

Max is willing to engross himself in the resources that the industry leading Ray White Surfers Paradise Group has to offer while working in the Jordan Thams Team and plans to continue to strive to use his youthful tenacity in a refreshing approach when it comes to communication with
the Jordan Thams Teams clients.