Jessie Stewart

CAMPAIGN MANAGER, Ray White Frankston

Something of a social anthropologist, Jessie’s love of people, cultures and languages sets her apart in an industry that’s very much in the market of people-pleasing.

This ability to connect so effortlessly with people of all backgrounds is something she cultivated from a very young age, having practically grown up in the Queen Victoria Market, working in the family business from 13 to 21 while studying. Being exposed to people of a broad range of ethnicities, cultures and languages, Jessie cultivated exceptional customer service very early on, learning impeccable communication skills in the front line of Australia’s incredibly diverse and multicultural population.

An invaluable confidence-builder in interacting with people from all over the world, the experience helped Jessie to develop outstanding client-care skills, which has laid the foundations for a career in real estate with Ray White. Her ability to instantly form solid working relationships, both with coworkers and clients alike, combined with her selfless nature and strong work ethic, make her a priceless asset in the Ray White team.

A resident of Frankston, in between playing guitar, painting and practicing martial arts, Jessie is an aspiring polyglot who continues to nurture her love of cultures by studying languages in her spare time, as she feels that being able to greet people in their native tongues demonstrates the respect which helps to form excellent working relationships with clients.

As part of the team, Jessie’s goal at Ray White is simple: to ensure every client that walks through the door – whether Vendor, Purchaser, Landlord, Tenant or someone who needs directions – is treated with the utmost value to ensure they never forget that the team is there to service them.

In this family environment where much of the team is related, there’s a decidedly unified approach to the business, where everyone works together to achieve goals, without selfish objectives, and together they aspire not to be seen as the best, but to be the best.