Interiors totally complete on The Block

The interior of The Block is completed, as all four teams finished their living areas yesterday, meaning all that is left is their backyards.

It came down to the wire for two of the teams, with Phil and Amity and Josh and Jenna working hard to simply complete their living rooms.

The newlyweds designed a simple room, with space a limitation due to the decision that they had to prioritise space for the kitchen, as they believed that will pay off in the auction results. In a bold move, they decided to set the television into the side of a cabinet, meaning that in the smaller area, people did not have to bend their necks upwards to watch. The curtains were a major talking point among the judges, with the execution and style a perfect choice for the space.

Mum and dad duo Phil and Amity were in a mad dash to the finish, realising that they were one dining room table short of a set. The judges were enamoured with their Hamptons-style layout, including the cathedral ceiling which really won the experts over. They did question the long sitting bench on one side of the dining room table, with the sitting position much higher than the regular chairs – however, they felt that the overall feel of the room was well executed and a smart choice.

Tradie Duncan and his temporary teammate, landscaper Dale, seemed on top of things, as the usual mad dash in the final hours was replaced with a calm cup of tea on their new sofas. The two scored major points for their industrial boat propeller, which was hung on the wall above one of the sofas. But Duncan's signature piece was the black glass television, set around a black glass feature wall – meaning that when the television was turned off, the set was hidden in plain sight.

Boyfriend and girlfriend team Dan and Dani were also able to take it easy as they painted the living area well in advance, meaning that they were not doing everything at the last minute. The nice neutral space was well accepted by the experts, as they felt whoever bought the piece of real estate could make it their own space. The judges also enjoyed the $5,000 sound system that the couple had won in one of the challenges.

In the end, Dan and Dani won on 26.5 points, while Phil and Amity were runners up on 23.5 points. Josh and Jenna came third on 21 with Duncan and Dale coming in fourth on 20 points.