Idriz Hibeljic

Associate, Ray White West Torrens

Idriz Hibeljic (pronounced Hibelich) is a trusted “helper agent”, based in the Western Suburbs who is well             recognised and respected by his clients and real estate peers. One of the very important traits that Idriz has        expressed within the dynamic group he works with, and most importantly to his clients and their needs is the       absolute enthusiasm, respect and passion he associates with his work.  Idriz is honest, professional and extremely organised. His understanding and professionalism allows him to work with the diverse client base, and is a “trusted advisor” for all of his clients. Due to his strong knowledge of the    Western Suburbs, current market trends and ongoing training keeping him up to date in every aspect for the benefit of his clients, Idriz’s advise should be trusted and taken into consideration when making big decisions with one of your greatest assets.  Idriz’s philosophy is that each and every one of his clients deserves to accomplish absolute satisfaction in selling their home. Due to a strong will, respect and passion for his work the results produced by Idriz are of the highest level. Apart from realising his dream of being a young successful Real Estate agent, Idriz also greatly enjoys sports, dining out, socialising and appreciates the opportunity of being closely connected with his local community. Idriz also     fluently speaks Yugoslavian which became an apparent advantage through the experience of his work. This can be an extreme advantage for his clients and himself due to any language barriers.  Idriz’s outgoing and friendly personality allows him to work with a variety of buyers and sellers from the beginners, starting out investors, developers and top end buyers and sellers.  If you are looking for an honest, reliable, hardworking agent, with superior marketing and negotiation skills, Idriz would appreciate the contact by any client.

“I look forward to meeting with you and chatting about any queries you may have.”