How to create your own inner city escape

The hustle and bustle of the city. The constant noise and interaction, with beautiful cooking aromas and blaring sirens. There's something vibrant and energetic about living in the inner city and that's why you own, or aspire to own, your own luxury city real estate. There's never a dull moment, and there's always a new restaurant to try after work.

But sometimes this can all get a bit much, especially if you are in the central business districts of the busier capital cities, like Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane. So how do you escape from the day-to-day and the bump and grind of city?

Short of going on a holiday or getting a daily massage (neither of which are bad ideas), you could incorporate themes of relaxation into your apartment. According to the American National Sleep Foundation noise can have an impact on the amount of sleep you get every night. This means that choosing the right home can be a big aspect of allowing yourself to unwind.

Save statements for the lounge

Big jarring art pieces in neon yellow, flecked with grey and turquoise might make a great statement, but statements are loud. These kinds of art pieces (and colours in general) are brilliant for rooms in which you want to entertain or inspire creativity and energy, like a kitchen, office or lounge. But when it comes to your bedroom, simple soothing shades are much more likely to help you unwind.

You might not reserve cool, calm and collected simply for the bedroom, and could find other spaces in your home to enjoy a bit of down time. It all comes down to how you enjoy relaxing. If cooking and enjoying a meal is more therapeutic than adventurous for you, then your kitchen and dining room probably shouldn't be decked out like a Mexican cantina.

If reading is your way to escape, create a special reading nook in very conservative tones to usher in relaxation.

Light pollution

You might think light pollution is an easy thing to avoid by simply drawing the blinds, but not always so. A city is always lit up, and there's forever a source of light shining into your window, so it may pay to install black out blinds or curtains in your bedrooms to ensure an uninterrupted sleep.

Other sources of light can also make it harder to rest, such as light from the hallway creeping in under the door, or cell phones with LEDs that blink all night. Try eliminate sources of light in sleeping areas to make sure you can truly unwind when it comes time to grab some shut-eye.

If you've ever laid in bed, feeling far too awake to drift off – it may be time to unplug a bit early. Scientific studies have found that staring at backlit phones, computers or TVs just before going to bed can keep you alert for longer. According to the American National Sleep Foundation it is "blue light in the 460-nanometer range of the electromagnetic spectrum" that has this effect.

Energy efficient bulbs also fall into this category, so having a shaded lamp in the bedroom or other softly lit areas could seriously increase relaxation. Yellow light over white light is also a good choice for mellower moods. Conversely, bright light will help you feel energised quicker in the morning, and is great for kitchens and study areas.

A bit on the nose

Every sense you have affects how relaxed or alert you are, and smell is no different. There must be a reason for all of those aroma therapy treatments and products, right? Different scents in various rooms can change your mood just as much as the decor.

Vanilla is a universally enjoyed scent, and is often used to make show homes and stores more appealing. Vanilla-scented candles or oil diffusers will turn a lounge or dining room into a tranquil and inviting area, while lavender can be utilised to induce utter peace while soaking in the tub or heading for bed.