HIA South Australia Speaks Out Against Proposed Water and Sewerage Levy

A proposed levy which would force new home buyers to pay up to $2,550 to connect their water and sewer services in South Australia has been criticised by the Housing Industry Association of South Australia (HIA).

In a statement released May 20, HIA executive director SA and NT Robert Harding said the proposed levy from SA Water would continue to put pressure on the building industry and families looking into property for sale, including real estate in Adelaide.

"It is no secret that bills are rising, which hurts families. The cost of living pressures are enormous," he said in the statement.

"There’s no place for this levy. It is unworkable and unacceptable for South Australian families."

Mr Harding went on to observe that the housing industry is experiencing one of the worst downturns on record – and that this levy is "at odds with everything we as an industry are doing to encourage employment and affordability".

According to a study by the HIA and the Centre for International Economics, 39 per cent of the price for a new house in Adelaide goes towards taxes and levies.

For a house which costs $400,000, nearly $160,000 of that goes towards taxes, charges and levies.

"Our industry, and South Australians, simply cannot afford to be slugged with another tax," said Mr Harding.