Green award for sustainable buildings.

Proposed buildings in Western Australia and Queensland are the first to achieve Green Star, which is in recognition for its high use of natural resources and its limit on the carbon footprint it produces.

Two Stocklands buildings, including a retirement home in Perth's south and a civic/development office in North Lakes in southern Queensland, have received the recognition due to their environmentally conscious approach.

The retirement village is set to be completed early next year and will have a solar passive design, making the best of natural light to avoid excessive energy usage and its use of motion sensors.

The North Lakes project which will begin construction before the year is out, have 160 solar panels and harvest stormwater to decrease the building's dependency on traditional supplies.

Going from green construction to construction in general, Housing Industry Association's chief economist warns that those in the residential construction sector should not give up on training and mentoring young apprentices, even when the market is soft.

Harley Dale said that when a boom in the real estate market presents itself, the construction industry will be ready.

"A continuing focus on investment in skills and training is imperative during these cyclically weak times to ensure that a labour shortage doesn’t represent a constraint on a sustainable residential construction recovery," he said.