Gladesville’s unique rainforest escape offers up a touch of France

Vic and Clare Cherikoff are selling their unique rainforest escape – which they affectionately call ‘Boronia Park Nature Resort’ – in the unassuming suburb of Gladesville in NSW, to move to the south of France.

According to Vic, the couple wouldn’t even consider selling the 888sqm property if they weren’t moving abroad. Located in one of Gladesville’s preferred streets Ray White Gladesville Sales Director Neil Robson said the large level land size is rare. The property is on the market with with a price guide of over $2,000,000.

Vic and Clare are Australia’s leading experts on native foods, and their property at 29 The Strand Gladesville is a testament to this – where they have established an organic and natural forest of fruits. “A place where there is always something you can nibble,” according to Vic.

“The rainforest out the back is like a botanic gardens,” said Vic adding that the front yard is home to an array of native plants in keeping with the theme of the Gladesville area.

Vic, who has been credited with pioneering the commercialisation of Australian wild foods, ( said that the property has been filmed for many TV segments over the years.

The property was extended and renovated by the pair soon after they built a freshwater billabong style swimming pool – using the pink sandy coloured shale dug out for the pool to make mudbricks to use in the construction of the home.

In fact, according to Vic the home may still be the only load bearing mudbrick building in Sydney.

“What is left of the original house is four rooms from a 1900s build,” said Vic.

He added that although the property is load bearing, it has the scope to build up – with the initial design being two-stories and built to Australian standards for Darwin so it could withstand cyclones.

“The way the home was built, it essentially emerged from the ground with the clay from the block used in the walls” he said. “The place has a soul and it just connects you to the ground.”

Vic’s wife, Clare Cherikoff agreed, adding what they loved so much about the property was the walls, “We love the natural feel and look of them. I also used concepts from the book, The Pattern Language, so you can glimpse the garden from every room, even from the shower.”

Vic says that the home is a place to experience, and added that when people come to visit the property has a way of making them feel something. It’s a healthy, tranquil environment.

“It certainly doesn’t feel like you are so close to the city. It has a Blue Mountains feel,” said Vic. “Once you’re in the backyard you could be anywhere in Australia, even in the outback.”

Vic said the next owner will enjoy the property as a lifestyle home, “you tend to live in the backyard. It’s very private, but also a great community to be a part of – there are often street parties.”

Clare added that the pair seem to be going for the exact same look and feel in their French real estate journey.

“I can see we’re going for the same look of white uneven stone walls for the interior and rough stone for the exterior and lots of courtyards – which is basically every second house for sale in France,” she said.

For more information, contact Ray White Gladesville Sales Director Neil Robson.

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