Daniela Boothroyd

Customer Care, Ray White Lara

Daniela Boothroyd - Customer Care Manger

With several years of experience in customer service and 7 and a half years in Property Management at Ray White Lara & Corio, Daniela understands what is important to our clients. Daniela has gained sound knowledge and developed her skills to progress her career from Front of House Manager to a Senior Property Investment Manager and also our Rental Department Team Leader. So good is she at her role, in 2015, she was awarded "Property Management Team Leader of the Year" award!

In January 2017 Daniela and her husband Jesse welcomed a baby boy 'Oliver' to their brand new family. Daniela has now returned from extended leave and is excited about her new role as our Customer Care Manager.

Daniela looks forward to new opportunities in her new role and is always up for a challenge. It is her drive for success which keeps her focused on ensuring only the best service is provided to our clients. With her determination and strong work ethic, Daniela is exceeding all expectations.


Daniela I would like to say a very big thank you for the fantastic job you and everyone have done for us I understand how frustrating it must be and truly appreciate your hard work. I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your hard work.

S. Tomlin - Lara

Daniela, let me say that we have very happy with the service we are receiving from yourself and the team at Ray White Lara. Thank you keep up the good work.

T. Borg - Lara

As a landlord of one investment property and soon to be another, my decision to have Ray White Lara to manage my second property was a no-brainer. The work the team have done for me has been outstanding but a special mention must go to Daniela and Lyndal for the efforts in getting the job done. They cannot be praised enough for the professional attitude that they exhibit in going about their work

R. Thompson. - Lara

I would like to thank you for being a fantastic property manager. I have rented and subcontracted to real estates quite a bit over the years and you have been by far the most helpful and efficient agent I've dealt with despite all the changes that have been made to the house over the last 18 months. Thank you again Daniela

E. Torn-Broers - Lara

"I'm writing to express my gratitude of my property manager, Daniela Boothroyd. I have been a long term investor who over the years has learnt a valuable lesson; Property Management must not be measured by ones commission or fee but by the level of service in which the property manager provides. I currently hold investment properties around Geelong, all managed through Ray White Lara c/o Daniela Boothroyd. The prospected range in quality and location however I have always been more than satisfied with the screening process and the care taken to ensure the best possible tenant is found, not simply the first, like some of the lower commission, high-volume-based agents. The same can also be said about the ongoing management also. As a satisfied landlord I do my best to ensure anyone who gets into property investing or already holding investments consider using Ray White Lara for all their management needs.Based on the above I highly recommend Daniela Boothroyd.

D. Bartlett - Geelong

I have been a landlord with Ray White Lara for several years with Daniela managing all of my investments. I have 2 portfolios, one as an individual, the other is owned by a company that I am director of. I know that as the manager of my properties, Daniela is in my employment and my best interests will be looked after foremost. In saying that, she also looks after the tenants on matters that will keep them happy. Some say that its not her role but if I have happy tenants they will look after my properties - so I am never in a situation where I could lose value or income. It goes without saying that she is polite, professional, she returns calls and emails without delay. One thing that we do, is notify the tenants when there has been NO increase in rent. I haven't found any other landlords that have this done. This is one of the many ways that makes Daniela shine in her chosen career.

S. Gilligan - Lara

Just a short email to say thank you very much for your prompt action in fixing screen doors at our property. It's very refreshing to deal with a company that gets things done. If only our current commercial property manager was as efficient

C. Bruyn - Lara

We have 3 properties that are listed with Ray White Lara & Daniela Boothroyd is our property manager. During our years dealings with Daniela, we have found her to be incredibly professional and accurate whilst very friendly and easy to deal with. Her initiative, communication and attention to detail constantly leaves us with the reassurance that our investments are in the beat of hands. Her ability to choose suitable tenants and her organisations skills with maintenance issues has always left us feeling at ease knowing she has our best interests at heart. We would have no hesitation in recommending Daniela to our friends and family. In an industry where trust is paramount Daniela ticks all the boxes.

S & S Pearce - Geelong