COAG Report Aids Housing Affordability

Home buyers may be interested to hear about the release of a report which offers suggestions on ways state governments can further improve housing affordability and supply across Australia.

The Housing Supply and Affordability Reform (HSAR) report was released yesterday (August 30) and will be discussed at the Select Council on Housing and Homelessness meeting in Perth today (August 31).

State and Territory housing ministers will convene to discuss the report's recommendations to
improve housing affordability and supply.

Some of the report's suggestions include more efficient use of existing land and housing, and reduce unnecessary costs and charges for property developers and home buyers.

Housing minister Brendan O'Connor endorsed the report's recommendations. 

The federal government knows how important housing affordability is for residents – in particular those on low to middle incomes, he said.

With this in mind, the government's focus is on increasing the volume and cost of housing to address the problem, Mr O'Connor said.

Mr O'Connor noted that the government has invested more than $20 billion in programs to encourage people to become homeowner and make rental accommodation more affordable.

"Housing affordability is not an issue that the Commonwealth can solve alone. It requires the combined effort of governments at all levels as well as the wider private and community sector," he concluded.